Day 9

Today was a very quiet day, mostly laying down in bed and recovering from the strenuous travel. However after some rest, I did get a chance to get up and walk around a part of Mukogawa across the river that I hadn’t yet been to. Along the way, I spotted someone’s personal garden, in their yard, that was very beautiful and seemed picture worthy. I also noticed that they had a greenhouse. It was one of the nicest yards I’ve seen in Japan so far.

In the top right, you can see the greenhouse.



Their was a nice gated entrance and a stone pathway, and in general it was a very unique garden. What a nice thing to have in your yard.

After the walk, I went to the local Medical College to help teach English to some of the students. I told them a little bit about myself, and then they interviewed me and I interviewed them back, to give them some practice in English. This was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done, and it was very funny as well. They seemed to enjoy my company and I think everyone had some fun.

It was good to have a nice quiet day.