Day 16

Today was a very relaxed day at home. After sleeping very late, I woke up and eventually, around 3, went to go help teach another english class. This time I was to give the classes my impression of Japan in various categories such as food, transportation, the cities I visited, etc. I really enjoy talking to these students and I think they like when I come in, too. It’s definitely a different kind of experience. After the english class, it was time to go to Osaka for our farewell party with George’s colleagues, and some of his favorite students, who I also became friends with. It was a bittersweet dinner, and my time in Japan has been amazing and life changing. I definitely gained a lot of independence. Tomorrow we go to Nagoya to spend the night in a hotel right next to the airport and I get up the next day to fly back to Detroit. I sure have missed America (and being able to read the menu’s in restaurants). One more day left.