Day 13

Today was our last day in Kyoto, and was filled with a trip to the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, which is a Disney-like park with fun things to do and tours around Samurai and Ninja film sites, where famous Japanese Ninja movies were filmed. Many of the attractions were aimed at a younger crowd, but it was still fun to partake. I have never seen any of the Japanese movies the park is based on, so it was a totally new experience to me, and a very interesting one at that.

After the park, we ate lunch at the Kyoto train station. I had a Kobe beef hamburger, which was coincidentally the best burger I’ve ever had. It was amazing. Probably thanks to the Kobe beef, from Japan. They have some amazingly tasty cows here.


After lunch we took the train to Mukogawa. It was good to be home, if only for a short time. It was a rather short day, with not much to tell. A nice change from the busy days.